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Knowing where your clients are, communicating with your drivers and anticipating situations before they become problems are not just desires, they are necessities. With HGTS, view everything in real time, prevent problems and maximize revenue potential.

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Reservation Software for Limousine ServiceWhen your fleet is diversified, containing executive sedans, luxury stretch limousines, mini coaches and perhaps taxi vehicles, your business needs are equally diversified and constantly shifting. Your HGTS powered limousine reservation system can be tailored to provide a perfect “fit” for your limo or sedan operation. As your business evolves and changes, your limo software system will evolve with you. Nimble and responsive, HGTS will ensure you have the vital information you need in order to make the decisions that will grow your business.

Limo Reservation, Dispatching and Fleet Management Software for Airport, Hourly, or Point to Point Service

Whether your limo, sedan, SUVs are shuttling passengers to and from the airport, carrying a bridal party to a wedding, or moving business executives between office locations, The suite of limousine software applications available from The Hudson Group allows you to stay on top of each client, driver and vehicle at all times. You know where they are and how they are, every step of the way.

Hudson’s Limo Reservation Software records over 2 million online reservations for its clients every year! Placing online limousine reservations is fast, convenient and easy. Limo reservations flow immediately and seamlessly into your limo reservation system, limo dispatch software and accounting systems. Using one of Hudson’s approved credit card processors, only pre-authorized or prepaid reservations ever make it to your company!

Your Hudson system will automate communications with your clients, drivers and vehicles. Whether it is by text message, email or phone call, automated messaging allows your staff to focus instead on managing your business and attending to client needs. Complex rates, multiple airports, discounts, taxes, fees, surcharges, coupons, boarding passes and vouchers. Whatever your business model, HGTS is configured to meet your operational needs.

Every company does things a bit differently. Though Hudson has 200+ customizable reports that come with the standard installation, you can design, run and generate your own reports with ease. And with integrated credit card processing, payroll, invoicing, receivables management as well as employee, driver and vehicle time and shift management tools, your system monitors efficiency, expenses, and revenue, ensuring you can better manage your bottom line.

Many limo operators maintain separate business names for different divisions of their company. Perhaps one division does taxi or package delivery services while another manages sedan and limousine passengers traveling to the airport. Whether you want to separate these operations or combine them for reduced operational overhead, the HGTS system can be setup to meet your precise requirements.

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